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Cupola with Horse

Sedona Cottage Cupolas

Sedona cupolas feature either vinyl or natural wood construction, and stylish flared bases. The standard size cupola fits up to a 8/12 pitch roof. The tall size has a base section tall enough to fit up to a 12/12 pitch roof.

The vinyl material used for the cupolas is called Azek. It is a maintenance-free material that will never rot and never need to be painted. The natural wood material is cypress. This wood is very similar to cedar in appearance and is an excellent wood for use on exterior products.

Cupolas are available as Standard models (as shown below) or as Deluxe models which include crown molding and a star ornament affixed to the flared base.


Prices are based on cupola size and include UPS Ground delivery to the 48 States.

18" wide x 29" tall - $499.00
22" wide x 35" tall - $619.00
26" wide x 39" tall - $739.00


Deluxe Package Add-On: +$50.00
(gets you "Star" accent & crown molding)

Base Size:

Standard units fit up to an 8/12 pitch roof.
Tall Size units fit up to a 12/12 pitch roof: + $50.00

Copper Weathervane add-on: + $179.00

Complete the look of your cupola by adding any of our custom fitted copper weathervanes available in 16 designs.

To order, you need to select the cupola size, the material (wood or vinyl), standard or deluxe model, standard or tall base, and to include a weathervane or not.

1) Cupola Size:

2) Cupola Material:

3) Standard or Deluxe Model (+$50)? :

4) Base: Standard or Tall Size (+$50)? :

5) Add a Weathervane (+$179):

6) Select Weathervane Design:

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