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Cupola with Horse

Cupola Base Extensions:

Cupola base extensions are available for our Select, Estate, and Royal cupolas.

When you add a base extension, your cupola will have a tall enough base to fit a steeper 12/12 pitch roof. Other customers might purchase a base extension because they want their cupola to have a taller look.

No matter the reason, you can click a BUY button below to add a base extension to your cupola purchase. (Of course base extensions are not available unless you are purchasing the cupola itself).

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18" cupola
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22" Cupola
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24" Cupola
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30" Cupola
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36" Cupola
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42" Cupola








* The base extension for a 24" cupola is much more expensive because..... once you add a base extension to a 24" cupola, it become too large to be shipped via UPS Ground. The cupola then needs to be shipped via motor freight which is much more expensive. Cupolas larger than 24" already have the motor freight costs included in the base cupola price, so adding a base extension to one of those cupolas has no additional shipping costs.
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