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We have one brass colored
mail-drop and recetacle. It
was a customer return and is
in perfectly unused condition.
The cost for both is $275.00
including shipping. Call to
order. First come, first serve.

Mail Drop - $129.00
Mail Receptacles - $189.00

Constructed of 1/4'' thick aluminum plate and 20 gauge steel, our recessed mounted mail drops feature a spring-loaded mail flap and an adjustable mail flap stop. Mail drops also feature a durable powder coated finish available in five (5) contemporary colors.

These are made for interior use, but have some limited exterior applications. Never for use in a place that gets direct rain. The flap is not wind or water-tight. If the wind blows strongly, you'll get a breeze inside. If the flap gets wet, your mail will get wet
. :(

Mail drops are ideal for collecting documents and small packages and may be used for U.S.P.S. residential door mail delivery. Made of sheet and extruded aluminum, our optional receptacles are a unique add-on for these mail drops.

The optional receptacle has a 12" W x 6" H rear opening which aligns with the mail drop chute for receipt of deliveries.


Overall Size: 14"w x 7"h x 6"d
Deposit Slot: 11"w x 4"h
Rough Opening : 12.25"w x 5.5"h

MAIL RECEPTACLE:Size: 15"W x 19"H x 7.5"D

To order, just change the "0" to how many items you want:

How Many Mail Drops? :

What color Mail Drop?:

How many Mail Receptacles?:

What color Mail Receptacles?

Receptacles have locking doors. You can have the door-lock swapped out for a non-locking thumb latch (see photo below). Purchase a thumb latch if you want the receptacle access door un-locking.

How many Thumb Latches?:

Thumb latch finish?

Brass Mail Drop

Rear View of Brass Mail Drop

Diagram of Mail Drop

Optional Mail Recepticle

Aluminum Mail Drop

Aluminum Receptacle

Bronze Mail Drop

Bronze Receptacle

Sandstone Mail Drop

Sandstone Receptacle

Green Mail Drop

Green Receptacle

Thumb latch can be substituted for the receptacle rear door lock.

Brass Receptacle
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