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SPK 600 Aluminum Mailbox Post - $219.00
(mailbox not included)

This cast aluminum mailbox post is available in 9 colors. This post can be surface mounted through the holes in the post base or it can be buried directly into the ground with a ground post extension that simply bolts to the bottom of the post (included).

Dimensions: 62" tall + 18" ground post that bolts to the main post for direct burial installation. There is a 7.5" round base with 4 holes for bolt-down installations.

This cast aluminum mailbox post comes in the same nine colors that match the Floral, Hummingbird, Boulevard, Classic, Savannah, and Town House post mount mailboxes.

Or... you can purchase the post alone, since it can fit almost any mailbox.


SPK 600 Replacement bracket

Special Lite SPK 600 Mailbox Post
600 Post (no mailbox)

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This page is only to order the Special Lite SPK 600 mailbox post.

It does not include a mailbox.

The mailboxes that come from the same factory in matching colors are available by clicking the links at left.

The #600 Post is available in 10 colors:

1) Post Color?:

Hummigbird Mailbox
(with cast sign)

Cast Leaf Mailbox
(with cast sign)

Traditional Mailbox

# 600 Post with Hummingbird mailbox

#600 Post with Cast Leaf Mailbox

# 600 Post with Traditional Mailbox

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