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Standard Aluminum Mailbox Posts (no mailbox included)

These aluminum mailbox posts match up with our MB4550, MB4850, and MB4855 aluminum mailboxes. To purchase one of these mailbox posts WITH a mailbox, click on this link here now.

The part of the mailbox post where the mailbox sits is essentially a flat surface making them suitable to attach almost any mailbox on the market today.

All mailboxes and posts are available for purchase separately or as sets.

Aluinum is the prefered material for mailboxes and mailbox posts because it does not rust or rot with time and they can easily be repainted when needed at sometime in the future.

These mailbox posts are available in beige, black, bronze, green, and white.

Newspaper holders are also available to be added on.

Replacement Post Brackets: Click here for replacement Designer Post arms.

UPS Shipping - $19.99: We ship via UPS Ground to any address in the 48 mainland US States. Call if you have questions.

Be sure to change the "0" to the number of items you need to order.

How many mailbox posts?:

Which mailbox post style?

What color mailbox post?

Add newspaper holder?

60" Tall Standard Single Post - $99.00
Available for 2 mailboxes - $149.00
Available for 3 mailboxes - $159.00
Available for 4 mailboxes - $169.00
Available for 5 mailboxes - $199.00

Decorative Mailbox Post

(81" tall - allows 20-24" in ground)

Designer Mailbox Post

(81" tall - allows 20-24" in ground)

Newpspaper Holders
$49.00 add-on

42" High Standard Bolt-Down Pedestal

Standard posts sold with standard metal
"spreaders" for 2, 3, or 4 mailbox set-ups

Standard posts are also available with reinforced
"spreaders" for 5 mailbox set-ups. This will include the
metal mailbox platform and two support brackets.

Deluxe Single Mailbox Post -
(mailbox must sit side-mount)

(81" tall - allows 20-24" in ground)

Deluxe Double Mailbox Post -
(mailboxes must sit side-mount)

(81" tall - allows 20-24" in ground)

Deluxe Quad Mailbox Post
(mailbox must sit side-mount)

(81" tall - allows 20-24" in ground)


You can purchase these posts with their matching factory mailboxes.... click a "more info" button below.

MB4850 - $99.00
Aluminum Mailbox

Available Separately

MB4550 - $149.00
Aluminum Mailbox

Available Separately

MB4855 - $129.00
Aluminum Mailbox

Available Separately

NPH - $49.00
Newspaper Holder

7.25"W x 4.5"H x 16"D

Available as an add-on

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