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Whitehall Mailbox - Double Package
$679.00 includes delivery

The Whitehall Mailbox is made from cast aluminum. It is very sturdy mailbox from a long establised supplier of decorative exterior products.

The mailbox outside dimensions:
13" H x 9-5/8" W x 20-3/8" D

Here's a link (click here) to the main Whitehall Mailbox products page.

Basic package includes the double mailbox post and two Whitehall Mailboxes. Add optional signs and newspaper holders. Install over a 4x4 wood post (not included).

Double Whitehall Mailbox Package shown at right with the optional custom door plaques.

Includes factory direct shipping. Delivery is usually approx 1 week without custom signs and 3 weeks for packages that include custom signs that need to be fabricated.

$679.00 includes delivery

The Whitehall Double Package set includes the double mailbox post and two Whitehall Mailboxes.
1) How many sets?:

2) What Color ?:

3) Newspaper Holders are $49.00 each:

4) Custom Door Signs are $39.00 each.

5) If you added door signs, what are the house numbers. Holds up to 5 characters:
Door Sign 1 Number:
Door Sign 2 Number:

6) Mailbox Toppers - $59.00 each.

7) If you added Mailbox Topper(s), they hold up to 16 characters of personalization.

Mailbox Topper 1 Text:
Mailbox Topper 2 Text:

Whitehall Door Plaque
Whitehall Door Plaque
Optional Mailbox Topper Sign
Whitehall Mailbox Topper
Whitehall Mailbox Colors
Whitehall Mailbox Color Choices:
Black, Bronze, Green, & White.
Whitehall Douible Mailbox Post
Duo unit with newspaper holders

Mailbox Topper
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