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Whitehall Deluxe Mailbox Post Replacement Parts (No Mailbox included!)

If you have a damaged Whitehall Deluxe or Superior Mailbox Post, you can order original factory replacement post parts from this page. They are available painted the original colors of black, bronze, green, or white.

The same vertical post isused for Superior, Deluxe, and Ultimate Whitehall Packages.

No mailbox is included with these parts and if you DO NOT own a Whitehall Mailbox, you probably should not be ordering from this page. Call us first.

Price List:

2-Piece Arm Bracket Set: $79.00

Newspaper Holder: $59.00

Post Cuffs: $59.00

Ball Top Finial: $59.00

All prices incluse standard ground delivery to any of the 48 States.

To order.... change the zero "0" to as many items as you need, then click Add to Cart:

How many post bracket sets?:

What color post brackets?

How many newspaper holders?:

What color newspaper holder?

How many post cuffs?:

What color post cuff?

How many ball top finials?:

What color ball top finial?

Whitehall Bronze Deluxe Post
Whitehall Bronze Deluxe Post
Whitehall Green Deluxe Post
Whitehall Green Deluxe Post
Whitehall White Deluxe Post
Whitehall White Deluxe Post
Whitehall Black Deluxe Post
Whitehall Black Deluxe Post

2-Piece Mailbox Post bracket set

Replacement Whitehall Post brackets

The brackets set is made up of two parts. There is a left bracket and a right bracket that attaches to the vertical post. The Whitehall Capital Mailbox gets attached to the bracket. Sold only in sets (1 left and 1 right bracket included with new screws). If your post was damaged in an accident, you will need to verify that the screw holes in the post are undamaged. In rare cases, the screws themselves get torn from the post along with the threads that hold them in place. Please verify that the threaded holes are still in good shape before placing your order.

Replacement Whitehall Post Cuffs

The Post Cuff is a separate metal part that gives the post
base an interesting flared look. They are a $59.00 and
can be added to the standard, superior, or deluxe posts.

Whitehall newspaper holders

Replacement Whitehall Ball Top Finial

Replacement Whitehall Ball Top Finial
Mailbox Post Cuff
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