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Barcelona Planter Box : $159.99

You're smart, and because of your superior intelligence, you know that even the most drab patios, decks, driveways and porches can be spruced up by planter boxes. But the Barcelona Planter Box brings it to another level. They are strong, durable, won't weather, and have the most exquisite detail to set you apart. And if you really want to show off those smarts, you can purchase the Luxembourg Privacy Screen, Milan Trellis, or Roman Trellis to insert in the planter for a portable privacy screen, or simply an extra way to dress up your property. If you ever make it on Jeopardy!, be sure to answer the clue "The Barcelona Planter Box" to "What is the best- looking, strongest, and most versatile planter box on the market?"


Assembly Time: Approximately 30 Minutes (Delivered Partially Pre-Assembled)
Color: White Only
Shipping Details: UPS in Kit Form
Number of Shipping Boxes: 1
Box Dimensions: 22" W x 29" L x 9" H
Box Weight: 27 Pounds

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