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Rounded Mailbox Sign

This cast aluminum mailbox sign is available in 3 sizes.

Small - $89.00:
Dimensions: 10" wide x 5" high.
Good for one line of numbers
Fits up to four 2 7/8" tall numbers.

Medium - $109.00:
Dimensions: 11.5 wide x 6.25" high.
Good for two lines of text.
Fits up to seven 1.5" tall characters per line or
up to five 2" numbers over twelve 1 1/8" letters.

Large - $129.00:
Dimensions: 15" wide x 8" high.
Good for larger numbers over smaller letters.
Fits five numbers over thirteen letters.

Lettering is on both sides.

Available in black, white, dark brown, red, or green. The lettering is only available in standard gold or white reflective. The white reflective "lights-up" at night when hit by headlights.

Drill two corresponding holes in the top of your mailbox and screw the sign in place.

These items are custom made. Delivery is usually 3-4 weeks.

How Many Signs?:

What size sign?

Which Color Combination?:

Fill in Personalization below:

Line 1 Text:

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These signs have "legs" with threaded holes. You need to drill
corresponding holes in the top of your mailbox to attach.
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