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(BHP) Porcelain Oval Signs: $149.00

(see more pictures below)

Porcelain Oval Sign has a cast aluminum frame and porcelain sign plates. It measures approximately 12" x 10". Porcelain signs have been made for hundreds of years. Castles in Europe have porcelain signs. The plates will last longer than any other signs we sell. They are a classy addition to any style home.

Black, white, verde green, or bronze.

Background: Black, white, or creme.

Lettering: Black, white, or dark green.

They can have interior rings or street lettering
(as shown below).

Porcelain Oval Signs can be set horizontal or vertical.

What you should know:

Horizontal signs can fit up to 5 numbers across with no interior ring. Horizontal signs can fit up to 4 numbers across with an interior ring. Horizontal signs can include up to 9 characters maximum for lettering (adds $40.00 to cost). Horizontal signs cannot have both an interior ring and lettering.

Vertical signs
can fit up to 3 numbers with no interior ring. Vertical signs can fit up to 2 numbers with an interior ring. Vertical signs can only have house numbers (street names will not fit).

How Many Signs:

Choose Frame Color:

Choose Background Color:

Choose Lettering Color:

Interior Ring?:


Horizontal signs include up to 5 numbers across and vertical signs include up to 3 numbers across the sign.

For an addition cost ($40), you can add lettering across the top and bottom of the sign.


House Number:

If you selected under "Personalization" to add the $40 Extra Lettering charge, then fill in the street / name info below. Otherwise just leave them blank.

Lettering Top (9 characters max):

Lettering Bottom (9 characters max):

Verde frame, white plate, green numbers with extra lettering.

Black frame, white plate, black lettering with interior ring.

White frame, black plate, white lettering with interior ring.
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