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Traditional # 1


Less expensive version.
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Traditional Mailbox #1

Cast Mailbox and Post - $479.00

> Aluminum Casting (no rust)

> Needs to be bolted down (usually to a concrete pad)

> Available in black for $479.00. Also available in Antique Bronze or Antique Verde for $499.00

> Interior dimensions of the mailbox are 7" wide x 8" high x 19" deep.

> 2" brass numbers ($3.00 each) meaning if your house number is 530, for example, and if you want that 530 on both sides, then select "3 Numbers for Two Sides". The $3.00 is for each brass number you need.

> This mailbox design is produced by many foundries, and the quality can range from excellent to terrible. Some of the cheaper units have thin paint coatings and doors that don't close tightly, etc.

> We do sell an excellent less expensive alternative. Click here... or see photo below at left.


What Color Mailbox:

Brass numbers mailed separately
with attachment instructions.

Add Brass Numbers? ($3.00/ea):

If you ordered brass numbers,
fill in House Number below:

Traditional #1 mailbox. Cast aluminum mailboxes. Shown above in Antique Bronze.
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