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Madrid Trellis : $99.99

You're a Class A gardener who derives exclamations from jealous friends and family when they see your green thumb at work. But how can you truly show off your skills when your trellis is breaking, cracking, and needing paint? It's just too heartbreaking to pry those beloved roses off the trellis for a fresh coat of stain. We would never want you to abuse your precious vines, so we have created a solution your gardening woes. Our Madrid trellis will automatically make your garden stand out just because it's that good looking. But since it's made from vinyl, it will never rot or need stain or paint. It will always look new. So take a deep breath. Now you can tend to your blooms, not your trellis, and once again enjoy the accolades you deserve on your flair for gardening.


Posts: 1.5" x 1.5"
In-Ground Allowance: Ground Anchoring Stakes Included
Assembly Time: Delivered Partially Pre-Assembled
Color: White Only
Shipping Details: UPS Partially Pre-Assembled
Number of Shipping Boxes: 1
Box Dimensions: 26" W x 47" L x 3" H
Box Weight: 13 Pounds

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