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Milan Trellis : $114.99

You like fine things. And you shouldn't be criticized by anyone for your superior taste. We applaud your demands for all things nice by bringing you the latest addition you simply cannot do without: The Milan Trellis. It's perfect for you. The design is terribly stylish, but it doesn't stop there. Because it's vinyl, you can show off your gardening skills and won't have to worry about it breaking, deteriorating, or needing a fresh coat of stain or paint. You can optionally mount it in The Barcelona Planter Box if you really want to shine. Tell your critics to step aside, because once they see your Milan Trellis, they'll be forced to swallow their words this time.


Post Size: 2" x 3.5"
In-Ground Allowance: Ground Anchoring Stakes Included
Assembly Time: Approximately 30 Minutes
Color: White Only
Shipping Details: UPS in Kit Form
Number of Shipping Boxes: 1
Box Dimensions: 9" W x 60" L x 5" H
Box Weight: 17 Pounds

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