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Whitehall Mailbox prices are MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). Dealers cannot advertise prices below the minimums established by Whitehall. The only way to see prices is to add the items you want into a shopping cart. The discount price includes FedEx Ground shipping.

Get a mailbox and sign together - a perfect match ! This high quality cast aluminum mailbox is available black, white, or bronze.

Optional cast aluminum house number / address plaque can be added for an additional $39.00. The signs come with 1 or two lines. Gold lettering is available for the black, bronze, and white units. Silver lettering is also available for the black unit.

If you purchase the separate address plaque, the numbers will be 3" tall. If you have the street or family name below, those characters will be 1.25" tall

The custom address sign is delivered unattached to the mailbox. The installer drills two small holes at clearly designated locations where screws (included) will hold the sign to the mailbox.

All Whitehall Wall Mailboxes are delivered with a locking lid and two keys as shown below. Also included will be a tool and replacement screws with instructions to remove the locking lid feature.

This is a very high quality, larger size mailbox that measures approximately 15"w x 15"h x 7" deep.

Delivery is usually 1-2 weeks for mailboxes only.
Delivery is usually 3 weeks for order that include the mailbox with the custom address sign..

If you have the mailbox and only need to order the custom address sign... click here!

Whitehall Wall Mailbox
Black Whitehall Wall Mount Mailbox

Whitehall Wall Mailbox
Bronze Whitehall Wall Mount
Mailbox with no sign

How Many Mailboxes? :

What Color Mailbox?:

Add the $39 personalized number/address sign?:

Custom signs can have just house numbers ....
or house number & street name (see pics).

Personalization only available if you order the custom sign.
Otherwise leave spaces below blank.

Line 1 Personalization:
Usually for House Number
(Maximum of 6 Characters):

Line 2 Personalization:
11 letters and spaces maximum
(Leave blank for no street name)

1426 Whitehall Wall Mailbox address sign

The two line signs have 3" numbers
over 1.25" tall letters (11 max.)

The address plaque will not arrive attached to the mailbox. The installer will need to follow some simple instructiions to attach the custom sign to the mailbox.

The two line custom signs have 3" numbers above 1.25" letters

Whitehall Mailbox custom mailbox address sign

Whitehall Wall Mailbox with no sign
Please note the two marks in the front panel that locate where to drill for the house number plaque.
If you don't order the plaque, those marks will be seen as shown above.
You are visiting 1-(800) 330-3309.