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Cottage Size Weathervanes

Cottage size weathervanes are available with or without a cupola. The weathervanes sold without a cupola have an option of including a bracket for attaching directly to a roof or deck rail. They can also include a pole to dig it into the ground (see pictures).

Cottage size weathervanes that include a cupola are sized for small structures, usually anything from a shed up to a two car garage maximum. Most cottage size weathervanes are not made for use with cupolas. The 3/8" rod size is too small for a standard cupola mount. However, we have adapted our cottage weathervanes to include a custom 3/4" rod, making it a perfect fit to our Cottage Series cupolas.

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Cottage Size Weathervane
To be mounted on a deck rail

Cottage Size Weathervane
To be mounted on a roof

Cottage Size Weathervane
To be mounted in the ground

Cottage Size Weathervane
Including a Cupola
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