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Imperial Mailbox Replacement Parts

You have reached this page because you own an Imperial Mailbox and need replacement parts. Do not order items from this page if you are not 100% certain you own an Imperial Mailbox. Imperial parts are not interchangeable with any other manufacturer.

Any Imperial Mailbox can fit any Imperial Post. All parts are available in seven colors.

Click here to see color samples

1) Mailboxes or Posts - $199.00/each

2) Scrolls:
The "C" scroll fits only the #6 Post - $39.00
The "S" scroll fits all other posts - $29.00

3) Newspaper Holders - $59.00
The 6x6 Newspaper holder can be added to any Imperial Mailbox System. Non-refundable item. This newspaper holder only replaces exiting ones under Imperial Mailboxes.

4) Imperial Number Sign - $59.00
Non-refundable item. This sign only fits Imperial Mailboxes.

Plate #1: Fits 2" numbers on mailbox # 1,4,6,7,9, or 0
Plate #2: Fits 2" numbers on mailbox # 1,4,6,7,9, or 0
Plate #3: Fits 3" numbers on mailbox # 1,4,6,7,9, or 0
Plate #8: Fits 2" numbers on mailbox # 8 only

Brass numbers sold only if you purchase the number sign.

5) Unpainted replacement door hinges - $19.00
Be sure to try and remove old broken hinge pieces from your mailbox. Sometimes they are fused to the mailbox and unremoveable. In that case your mailbox can not be repaired. Unpainted hinges are the silver color of unpainted stainless steel.


Since these parts only fit Imperial brand mailboxes, you should be certain your existing unit was made by Imperial. Here's some tips: It could have Imperial Mailbox cast into the inside of the door, but older units only had a sticker which could have fallen off. Imperials attach to the post with four bolts/nuts in a square pattern through the back wall. Another tip-off is the post end of support bracket under the mailbox only has a "pin" that goes into a hole in the post. There is no screw attachment. Hope that helps.....

First, select the color of your replacement parts, then add the parts you need.

1)What color replacement parts?

2)Would you like to add a new Imperial Mailbox?

3) Would you like to add a new newspaper holder?

4) Would you like to add a new post?

5) Would you like to add a new support scroll?

6) Would you like to add a new number sign?

If you purchased the number sign, how would you like the sign personalized?

If you added brass numbers to your sign, fill in House Number below up to a maximum of five numbers:

7) If you have a double mailbox, do you need a mailbox-to-post attachment plate?

8) Replacement unpainted door hinge (only fits Imperial brand mailboxes)


Delivery usually about 2 weeks, could be less..

If you have a twin (double mailbox) unit, the attachment plate that
holds the two mailboxes to the post. It can get damaged in an accident.

Call 1-800-330-3309 with questions

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